Leadership Manual

The scope of responsibilities for community council presidents is ever-broadening. This manual addresses several long-standing needs for many council presidents, both new and seasoned. Its goal is to facilitate the role of council president, by providing straightforward information relating to the management, operation, and maintenance of a community council.

While it is not intended that this manual be your only source of information related to managing your council, it is provided as an initial resource for new presidents who are expected to know a lot very quickly.

The table of contents is designed to quickly familiarize you with each section, providing key phrases which indicate the type of information you should expect to find. Follow the links to content, samples and references.

Sample documents are meant to be used as guidelines for preparing your own working documents.

Please think of this manual as an ever-evolving project. As such, your comments and suggestions are both welcomed and encouraged.

Table of Contents

Section I — Organizational Requirements

  • Incorporation
  • 501c3
  • Bylaws
  • Insurance

Section 2 — Leadership and Governance

  • New Leadership
  • Responsibilities and duties
  • Records

Section 3 — Defining the Neighborhood

  • Identifying your neighborhood assets
  • Organizing volunteers
  • Block Watch

Section 4 — Government Relations and Other Partnerships

  • Resources and contacts

Section 5 — Grants and Grant Writing

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