NSP Reporting and Documentation

Final Report and Documentation Retention Policy training :
additional dates will be announced soon

This training is REQUIRED for all NSP Managers. It is also open to Presidents and Treasurers. 

Sign up here:



  1. Interim Report (online format) 
    1. Interim Report (Word Document)
  2. Final Report
    1. Directions to Fill out Forms
    2. Spending Report & Documentation
    3. Final Performance Report
  3. Example of Final Report
  4. Documentation Retention Policy
  5. NSP Volunteer Hours Summary Log
  6. NSP Hourly Paid Worker Summary Log


Additional forms and templates that are necessary to have on file, but are not needed by IIN

  1. Individual Volunteer Waiver and Release Form
  2. Individual Hourly Paid Worker Waiver and Release Form
  3. Individual Volunteer Time Sheet
  4. Individual Hourly Paid Worker Time Sheet
  5. Project Volunteer Tracking Log
  6. Project Hourly Paid Worker Tracking Log
  7. Cash Receipt Template


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