NSP Packet

Full NSP Packet here: NSP – Guidelines and Proposal Packet (.doc)
(currently contains Guidelines and Proposal Packet, as we add additional sections, we will update the Packet)


NSP Guidelines

I.      Introduction
1.            History
2.            Purpose
3.            NSP Program Qualifying Criteria

NSP Guidelines Sec I Introduction (.doc)

II.     Conditions and Limitations
1.            Eligible Categories
2.            NSP Program Conditions
3.            NSP Program Limitations on Expenses

NSP Guidelines Sec II Conditions and Limitations

III.   Additional Community Council Participation Requirements
1.         The NSP Review Committee
2.         The NSP Manager

NSP Guidelines Sec III Additional Requirements (.doc)

NSP Proposal Packet
Submission Instructions and Checklist

NSP Proposal submission instructions and checklist (.doc)    

I.      Applicant Information & Documentation
1.             Applicant Information
2.             EEO Statement and Information
3.             NSP Proposal as voted on at Council Meeting
4.             Persons authorized to handle funds
5.             Verification

NSP Proposal Section I Applicant Information and Documentation (.doc)

II.     Proposal Forms
1.               Summary List of Proposed Projects
2.               Total Budget All Projects
3.               Detailed Project Description (1 per project)
4.               Detailed Project Budget (I per project)

Proposal Packet- Section II Proposal Forms – all (.doc)

Form: Project List & Total Budget (.doc)

Form: Detailed Project Description (.doc)

Form: Detailed Project Budget (.doc)

(coming soon – excel spreadsheet)

III.   Amendments

1.            Formal Amendment
2.            Informal Amendment

Proposal Packet Section III Amendments  (.doc)

IV.   Supplementary information for budgets

Proposal Packet Section IV Supplemental Information (.doc)


Reporting and Documentation (coming soon)

I.          Interim Reports

II.        Final Report

III.    Document Retention Policy



Ordinance 220-1989 (.pdf)

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