NSP – Interim Report

Report due to Invest:

FY 23 Qtr

Reporting Period

Interim Report Due date:


Jan 1 through Mar 31

April 8th


Apr 1 through Jun 30

July 8th


Jul 1 through Sep 30

October 7th


Oct 1 – Dec 31

January 8th, 202m


  • Fill out the following information as it applies to your organization and activities conducted within the reporting period- Reporting period is always from the start of your NSP award through the end of the month prior to month due (cumulative from beginning of project)
  • You do not need to submit supporting documentation at this time; supporting documentation will be submitted with the Final Report
  • Name of project must correspond to name of project in proposal
  • Please report all projects on one (1) page
  • You must submit your interim report even if there has not been any activity yet


Reporting Periods: Report due to Invest October 7

Please select report date

Project and Expenditure Status:

Please estimate the status of each proposed project. Report your expenses to date, as a single amount, for each project. You DO NOT itemize the expenses for each project. As many Projects as you proposed must be listed
MUST correspond to name in proposal (EG: Summer Youth Program)
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