Night of the Neighborhoods

Oct 22, 2020 5:30-6:30pm

Come celebrate! 2020 Night of the Neighborhoods event will take place virtually this year! 

Raffle tickets and registration open now until midnight Oct 21.

Join us for Bourbon on the Block and raise a glass to our neighbors and our neighborhoods:

  • hear about some of the great work in our neighborhoods,
  • raffle for a chance to win our amazing bourbon basket (see below), (raffle tickets open until midnight Oct 21)
  • participate in live trivia – winner gets a $200 credit to use at Toolbank** and get a free raffle ticket
  • find out who the 2020 Neighborhood Summit award winners and grant recipients are,
  • and join us in honoring our

2020’s Friend of the Neighborhoods Award Winner:
Kathy Schwab. recently retired Executive Director of LISC !


** to receive the Neighborhood Trivia Toolbox credit, the winner must live within the City of Cincinnati and be a part of (board, staff, or member) of a local non-profit (including Community Councils)


Raffle tickets and registration open now until midnight Oct 21.
Registration is free this year, however we kindly ask for donations


Bourbon Basket Raffle  

Over $350 Value!

Tickets: 1 for $5/ 5 for $20



  • Redwood Empire (Craft Bourbon)
  • Knob Creek (single Barrel Bourbon)
  • Woodford Reserve (Small Batch Bourbon)
  • Wilderness Trail (Craft Bourbon)
  • Basil Hayden’s (Rye)


  • Smoked Chili Cheddar Cheese – a firm, slightly flaky cheese with no shortage of flavor. The cheddar is marbled white and orange, with chunks of habanero, jalapeno and pasilla peppers.(8 oz.)
  • Smoked Sea Salt & Rosemary Goat Cheese – a delicate goat cheese is hand-blended with smoked sea salt and cracked pepper, and marinated in a rosemary-infused extra virgin olive oil blend. (4 oz.)
  • Smoked Flagship -a smoked version of Beecher’s signature cheese – Flagship. Aged for a period of 15 months, and then smoked over a mix of apple and cherry wood. (7 oz.)
  • Idiazabal – a Spanish gourmet cheese with a delicately smoky, fudge-like aroma and flavor. (8 oz.)

Set of 4 bourbon tasting glasses

And a package of Caramelized Pecans, of course.


& Thank you to our sponsors:

Toolbank Cincinnati
Trulip Retirement Planning
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