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Special Event:  Black American Tree Project
Wednesday August 26, 1 – 3:30 pm
Pleases join us for this immersive, interactive, participatory event.  Each Summit we highlight or debut local innovative and interesting work in our “Engagement Corridor” and through workshops. This program would have debuted at the 2020 Summit. The organizers/authors, L. Danyetta Najoli and Freda Epum, have worked hard to prototype this into a virtual experience that is uplifting and enlightening.



Please take a minute to hear from Danyetta and Freda and learn more about this project:




Please join us for Transformation: Continuing the work in our neighborhoods and communities

Session 3.3 “Zoom* Public Community Design Workshops by AIA Cincinnati
Wednesday July 29 12 pm, via FB live or Zoom 

This virtual face-to-face session will explore with participants important aspects of community engagement, through several community design workshops hosted by the Urban Design Committee of the American Institute of Architects – Cincinnati chapter. We will also exchange ideas to help communities build shared visions during the extended isolation of the 2020 pandemic

Examples from past workshops and their outcomes will show how everyone’s opinion matters and the design of neighborhoods deeply affects people’s everyday lives. We will also assess on-line idea sharing tools, survey and feedback platforms in facing not only the engagement challenges of Covid-19 but also nontraditional working hours, shut-in populations, introverted/ fearful people, immigrants, traveling residents, and other groups who can’t or choose not to attend in-person sessions

Jeff Raser, CUDA Studio
John Kornbluh
Couprt Gardiner, m.Arch Inc
Megan Karalambo, Karalambo Design + Planning Studio
Aaron Kingsley, GBBN – moderator

Session Video:


Session 3.2 How to Work the Development Process to Meet Neighborhood Goals
Thursday July 23 12 pm – 1:15, via FB live or Zoom 

When residents ask developers to include neighborhood priorities in a new city-supported development proposal, we are often told it’s too late for the request because the developer is too far along in its process to shift plans. 

We want developers and city officials to consider the full range of possible benefits, like affordable housing, or lower cost items including the placement, quality, or type of lighting; local and minority hiring requirements; job quality and wages; the addition or placement of green space or art; safety features; commercial leases that meet neighborhood needs; and environmentally-friendly amenities. 

This workshop will shed light on the timing and specifics of putting together the deal. We’ll ask developers and city officials to think about how best to ensure there are opportunities for developers and residents to work together on neighborhood goals. 

We’ll see a short film together—a creative enactment of the chronic systemic obstacles to meaningful engagement by neighborhood stakeholders—and then we’ll discuss your ideas for how to transform the process such that all parties gain what they need.  

Sponsored by Action Tank, and featuring Maurice Wagoner, Bonnie Neumeier, and Mary Clare “MC” Rietz, of the Storefronts art series at the Miami U. Center for Community Engagement. Other panelists include:

Mary Burke Rivers, OTRCC

Roy Hacksworth, DCED

Adam Gelter, Executive Vice President for Development, 3CDC

Bradley Cooper, Concerned Citizen

Ioanna Paraskevopoulos, Executive Director, Action Tank

Margy Waller, Action Tank, Moderator

Session Video:


Session 3,1 Empowering Our Neighborhoods and Citizens: Preliminary Results from the Community Councils Study
Jul 15, 2020 12:00 noon, via FB live or Zoom 

Join NKU’s MPA Director Julie Olberding and Asst. Professor Darrin Wilson for the preliminary result of the project to look at the roles, effectiveness and capacities of Community Councils and discussion for moving forward

Session Video: (link will return: we are currently editing and uploading to different host)

Slides: Olberding/Wilson Neighborhood Summit2020 


Please join us for Civic Engagement: Voice, Participation, Action.  

This series looks at efforts to continue the work of civic life at a time of crisis response that has forced many into virtual participation and during a period of civil unrest that has focused the lens on racial disparity and inequity.  How do we lend our voices, participate, act upon our principles and respond to need?

We will share opportunities to participate, host panels for discussion about continuing the work of participating in civic life, and look at creative means of civic engagement

This series will primarily run through the month of June – it will be at different times throughout the month, so stay tuned for announcements


Session 2.2 Exploring our Histories: Race and Development
Wednesday Jun 8, 4 – 5 pm

During this workshop, Design Impact will share ‘People’s History’, a facilitation tool a group of Madisonville leaders and residents used to start a different conversation about the neighborhood’s past and current development activities. People’s History acknowledges the ways in which racists policies and practices shaped our city and communities. Participants will have a chance to interact with this tool and reflect on how they might use this in their own neighborhoods to start a different kind of conversation.

Sarah Corlett, Design Impact
Caitlin Behle, Design Impact

Session Video:  (link will return: we are currently editing and uploading to different host)


Session 2.1 Community organizations combating inequity
Monday June 15th, 12 noon via Zoom and FB live

Many individuals and organizations are participating in the movement to reform our political and economic systems and dismantle racist practices that have created the enormous disparities we have today.  However, this takes time. In the meantime, while we work on making equitable policies and long overdue reforms, there are organizations who have already been working hard and will continue the work in our neighborhoods and across our communities to redress the results of inequitable systems. 

This session brings together several of our community nonprofits to discuss “How do you lend your strengths to the work of the protesters and organizers within your own space and every day with your work?”

Alexis Kidd-Zaffer, Executive Director, Seven Hills Neighborhood Houses
Sheila Rosenthal, President East Price Hill Improvement Association
Zaria Davis, Board member, Dress for Success Cincinnati
Kat Pepmeyer, Executive Director, Toolbank Cincinnati
Moderator: Liz Blume, Executive Director, Community Building Institute

Topic: 2020 Virtual Summit 2.1 Community Organizations Combating Inequity
Date: Jun 15, 2020 11:44 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Session Video:


Opportunities to participate:

City of Cincinnati Public Hearings: In-person or via Zoom. June 16th, June 18th, June 19th, June 22   
More information and to register:

Soap Box Ohio Civic Essentials Game:Game nights are: June 10, June 11, June 17 and June 18  
more info and to register:

Participate in the All-In Cincy Coalition meetings 
The All-In Cincinnati Equity Coalition looks at sustainable policy changes comprehensively across each of our priority areas which include health, housing, education, economic mobility, and justice.  Check out the Human Impact Partner’s Health Equity Policy Platform for COVID-19 Response and Recovery and please come prepared to discuss.  



Supporting our Neighborhoods: Collaborative Neighborhood Responses to COVID 19 

This series presents 4 lunchtime panels, Thursdays at 12pm throughout May, hosted by David Mann
Sessions are 30 minutes total, including Q&A.  Can’t make a session?  We will post the recording on these pages.

Session 4: Great things are STILL happening in EVANSTON
Hear about how Evanston is continuing to .serve the neighborhood through job resources, health intiatives, fresh food and more. 
Panelists:  Gregory Stewart, Georgia Brown, and Melanie Moon
Host: Councilmember David Mann
When:  Friday May 29, 2020  12:pm

Session Video:

Session 3: Made in Camp:  Camp Washington Interview
Hear about how various groups and businesses in Camp Washington are helping their neighborhood.
Panelists:  Cal Cullen, Wavepool. James Heller-Jackson, Camp Washington Community Board; Pastor Aaron Saari, Washington UCC
Host: Councilmember David Mann
When:  Thursday May 22, 2020  12:pm

Session Video:

Session 2: Northside Interview
Hear about how various groups and businesses in Northside are helping their neighborhood.
Panelists:  Becky Smolenski Finnigan, Tommy Rueff, Tim Jeckering. Host: Councilmember David Mann
When:  Thursday May 14, 2020  12:pm

Session video:

Session 1: Clifton Cares Interview
In late March, the Clifton Business Association (CBA) launched the initiative “Clifton Cares.” The initiative raises funds to provide meals from Clifton restaurants for our health care professionals. In its first four weeks, Clifton Cares raised enough to provide over 4,000 meals, and it continues to raise money, supporting local businesses and hospital workers.
Panelists: Gerald Checco, Patrick Borders
Time: May 7, 2020 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Session video: NS2020 Clifton Cares:

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thank you to our sponsors

And to our local business community partners: 


The Neighborhood Summit is THE annual event which brings together hundreds of community leaders and volunteers, city officials and non-profits in a day long series of seminars and workshops aimed at helping citizens work effectively together to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. Last year’s event was attended by over 600 people.

Invest in Neighborhoods’ 19th annual Summit would not be possible without the hard work of our Summit partners, our volunteers, and the generosity of our funders

For more information, contact us: [email protected]

As always, the Neighborhood Summit is free to everyone, however donations (of any amount!) are always welcome to help us continue to bring you this quality event every year!  

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