All recognized Community Councils are eligible to sign up for IIN’s Insurance Aggregation Program.  If you wish to opt-in, please contact us at

see below for further information 



Commercial General Liability: GL policy 2024-2027

D&O and EPLI – D&O

Auto Endorsement: Hired -and NonAuto Endorsement for parades




Insurance Aggregation Program – Special Event Questionnaire

SAMPLE COI: City – special events sample COI template rev Jun2018

Parks’ Special Event Fee Waiver Forms can be found here

New application
Community Councils can opt-in at any time, there is not a ‘window‘ for signing up


Streamlined Pillar Policy Application 

Community Councils Board Representative Form



-Policy to be administered by Invest in Neighborhoods and Driehaus Insurance Group.

-Each Community Council participating in the program will be added as a Named Insured.

– Policy limits will be shared among all named insureds.


General Liability

Each Occurrence Limit                   $1,000,000                        

General Aggregate                         $2,000,000

Medical Payments                          $10,000


Each Occurrence Limit                  $1,000,000

Aggregate Limit                               $1,000,000


Directors & Officers Liability –
Protects Council & individual Board Members

Each Claim Limit                              $5,000,000         

Deductible                                         $1,000  

Employment Practices Liability  –
Protects against allegations of Discrimination or Harassment from 3rd parties.

Each Claim Limit                              $1,000,000

Deductible                                         $1,000

Note:  D&O and EPLI for Communtiy Associations and Non-Profits also counts volunteers as “Employees” 


Special Events
automatically included:

  • Class I Events (Low activity): examples include cleanups, volunteer activities, and monthly meetings.
  • Class II Events (Medium activity): examples include movie nights, picnics, and music events.

Special Events requiring an application and prior approval – subject to additional premium charge:

  • Class III Events (Large): examples include festivals, concerts, art shows, and big annual event.

Any of the following three characteristics automatically requires a special event application.

  • Requires a permit from the City.
  • Alcohol will be sold.**
  • Expected to have over 200 in attendance.

Submit Aggregate Insurance Program – Special Event Questionairre to IIN at least 3 weeks prior to when you need to submit your insurance certificate for the event.

The City requires insurance certificate PRIOR to permitting.  Check with us AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE if you aren’t sure you need it or not.

More info about Special Events Insurance: special events Q&A july2019


Estimated Annual Premium per CC:

Total for Commercial General Liability/D&O+EPLI/Auto = $844   



Aggregation Insurance Program FAQs


*Class III Events subject to additional premium and not included in the above

* *Liquor liability not included 



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