FY2020 Resources

City Manager FYI Memo Recommended FY20-21 Biennial Budget

City Council
Mayor John Cranley  [email protected]  513-352-3250 
Vice Mayor Smitherman  [email protected]  513-352-3464
Tamaya Dennard  [email protected]  513-352-5205
Greg Landsman  [email protected]  513-352-5232
David Mann  [email protected]  513-352-4611
Amy Murray  [email protected]  513-352-3640
Jeff Pastor  [email protected]  513-352-5243
Chris Seelbach  [email protected]  513-352-5210
PG Sittenfeld  [email protected]  513-352-5280
Wendell Young   [email protected]  513-352-3466


Infographic CCs and Invest:

Presentation about the value of Community Councils presented to Budget and Finance Committee 

InvestinNeighborhoods BudgetFinance 5-6-2019

One page summary Invest and Community Councils

1 pg summary invest and councils

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