Community Budget Request (CBR)

The current cycle is for the next biennial budget, FY26/27

THE DEADLINE TO SUBMIT IS Monday, Sept 30, 2024 4 pm

Community Councils can submit up to three (3) projects

Prior to submission, you should contact the appropriate City Department person to discuss and work with on your project ideas.  Deadline to contact City Dept: August 30, 2024 


FY26/27 Submission Process

  • July 18, 2024: CBR Kick-off Meeting.
    sign up:
  • July: Community councils to meet and brainstorm CBR ideas to vet with project managers.
    • Prior to submission, discuss your CBR ideas with the City department responsible for implementation. More details will be provided at the kick-off.  
    • Do NOT wait until the deadline to initiate contact, start now. 
    • DEADLINE: Friday, August 30, 2024: Community councils must initiate contact with City Project Managers.
  • September 2024: Community councils formalize their CBRs.
    • Prior to submission, submit letter showing Community Council support (see below)
    • DEADLINE – Monday, September 30, 2024 at 4:00 pm: Community councils must submit CBR request forms through the online portal.
  • May 2025: City Manager’s Recommended Budget is released containing funding recommendations pertaining to CBRs.


List of City staff to work with on CBR process 

Community Budget Request (CBR) Departmental Contacts

FY 2026 – 2027 Biennial Budget Development

Updated 4-8-2024


CBR Contact



Budget & Evaluation

Brian Gay


Buildings & Inspections

Kim Hamilton


Community & Economic Development

Dan Bower


Environment & Sustainability

Robin Henderson


Enterprise Technology Solutions

Chanel Neely



Ari Hall



Mark Menkhaus


Metropolitan Sewer District

Deb Leonard



Dan Fortinberry



Kate Lawrence


City Planning & Engagement

Maria Dienger



Stephen Abbott


Public Services

Doug Smith



Dan Jones


Stormwater Management

Eric Saylor


Transportation & Engineering

Tricia Sumner


Water Works

Andy Orth



PDF version of submission form so you can preview (coming soon).  


Community Budget Requests Basics

  • Each community council can submit up to three project requests during the FY26/27 CBR process.
  • Projects should provide consistency language with Plan Cincinnati (see below)
  • You can see a complete list of previously submitted and approved CBRs in the City’s Approved Biennial Capital Budget. Here is a direct link to the approved biennial capital budget CBRs for the last 4 cycles – FY18/19. FY20/21, FY22/23, FY24/25. 
  • Upon submission, the department assigned to your project request will review and consider the feasibility of your proposed project.
  • The City Manager will provide a recommendation on each CBR received in the City Manager’s Recommended FY26/27 Budget, which is anticipated to be released to the Mayor/City Council in May 2025. Note: Fiscal Year 2026 is July 1, 2025 – June 30, 2026.




 What is the Community Budget Request (CBR) process?
The Community Budget Request process is intended for community councils to provide suggestions on funding projects that are paramount to the preservation and/or revitalization of each neighborhood. The communities’ projects are reviewed by appropriate City departments during their budget preparation. Potential funding options for the projects are considered and recommendations will be made to City Council in the proposed FY26/27 budget.

Who can submit CBRs?

The forms must be completed and submitted by a community council. It is highly encouraged that neighborhood stakeholders are involved with helping to decide which budget requests are submitted. The City would like each Community Council to approve its requests before  submission  and  submit a letter on a Community Council letterhead stating the Community Council Board voted in support of the proposed requests to Maria Dienger, City Planner, at

Can I submit a CBR if I do not represent a community council?

Only community councils are permitted to submit CBRs. However, anyone in Cincinnati may submit an idea for a project through the Neighborhood Project Suggestion form on the City of Cincinnati website here: These projects will not be reviewed in the official CBR process. Instead, the Neighborhood Project Suggestions form allows other ideas to be submitted and considered by the City.

How many CBRs can a community council submit?

Each community council may submit up to three (3) CBR forms. Fewer may be submitted at the discretion of the Community Council.

What is the deadline date for submission of the CBRs?

The CBR forms must be submitted NO LATER than 4:00 PM on Monday, September 30, 2024.

How do I submit a CBR?

The web address will be provided before the kick-off meeting on Thursday July 18th, 2024. Before submitting your CBRs, please plan to e-mail your community council’s approval letter to Maria Dienger, City Planner, at You may also email any supplemental documents to Maria Dienger.

What are some examples of eligible CBRs?

  • Community gateway features and wayfinding signage
  • Traffic studies, street calming, and/or pedestrian infrastructure improvements, such as speed wagon usage, streetlight improvements, and sidewalks
  • Stormwater drainage improvements
  • Park/recreation facility improvements, such as parking lot repaving and installation of water fountains, landscaping, and playground equipment
  • Neighborhood studies and plans

What can improve the likelihood of a CBR being recommended for funding and implementation? 

Start brainstorming ideas early. It is highly encouraged that the community council reach out to the appropriate departmental contact to discuss each project in advance of submitting a CBR. All community councils received a contact sheet for the City departments.

What are some examples of ineligible CBRs?

No requests will be recommended for funding that involve the use of public funds to enhance or improve private property. Please contact the appropriate City Department representative in advance of submitting your request to determine eligibility.

The CBR submission form asks me to provide information on the CBR’s consistency with Plan Cincinnati. What is Plan Cincinnati and where can I find a copy?

Plan Cincinnati is the City of Cincinnati’s comprehensive plan. It is the official document that guides future planning and development within the city. It is designed to represent the voice of the people of Cincinnati and guide the future of the city. The plan includes goals and strategies within five Initiative Areas: Compete, Connect, Live, Sustain, and Collaborate. A copy of the plan can be found here: cincinnati/

This flow chart provides a great overview (click on image for larger view)

What is the timeline of the CBR process?

  • July – Sept 30, 2024: City departments provide assistance and guidance to community Community councils engage stakeholders to prepare CBRs. 
  • August 30, 2024: Community councils should initiate contact with City Project Managers.
  • September 2024: Community Councils meet to formalize their CBRs.
    DEADLINE – Monday, September 30, 2024 at 4:00 pm: Community councils must submit CBR
    request forms through the online portal.
  • October  – December 2024: City Departments review CBRs, and prepare funding requests to the Office of Budget & Evaluation
  • January – April 2025: Office of Budget & Evaluation reviews departmental budget requests and works with the City Manager to prepare a Recommendation to the Mayor/City Council.
  • May 2025: Formal disposition report is released online within the City Manager’s Recommended Capital Budget
  • June 2025: City Council Approves FY25/26 Capital Budget

Will I need to meet with my Community Council during the summer?

We highly recommend scheduling a meeting of your Community Council in July/August to brainstorm possible proposal ideas.  Another meeting in September would be helpful to vote on the requests that your council will submit. 

When will we know if our CBRs were recommended or not recommended for funding?

The City Manager will provide a recommendation on each CBR received in the proposed FY26/27 budget which will be communicated to City Council in May 2025. Ultimate approval is made by the City Council.

How much specificity is needed on the CBR submission (especially regarding project costs)? What is the average cost of CBR projects?

Project costs vary depending on scope of work.  It is important to reach out to the department contacts in advance of your submission because they can help provide ballpark estimates of project costs and considerations for your submission.  Estimated cost is asked on the CBR submission form, but it is not required.  It is important to prepare a detailed description of the project and why it is important to the neighborhood.  There is no need to submit detailed drawings or plans. 

Is this a grant program?

No, the CBR process allows neighborhoods to submit project ideas for inclusion in the City’s capital budget. The projects are managed by the City.

Can two or more neighborhoods submit a joint-neighborhood project as a CBR?

Absolutely! If two or more neighborhoods have a project idea that crosses through multiple neighborhood boundaries, they may submit it as a CBR.  It is recommended that each community council involved submits the projects as one of their CBRs and submits a letter to Maria Dienger, City Planner, showing community council support.  For example, if Spring Grove Village and Winton Hills had a joint-neighborhood project, both the Spring Grove Village and Winton Hills community councils would submit the project idea as one of their three submissions. 

If you have any further questions, please contact Maria Dienger, City Planner, at or 513-352-4840.


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