Candidates answer Community Council questions

We know people can’t always attend their local candidates’ forum.

So Community Council members submitted questions for the candidates about neighborhood concerns or issues. These questions were distilled into questions which capture the priority issues for neighborhoods.

We will continue to post responses up until the election; follow the links below.


Candidate responses to questions:

Mayoral Candidates

John Cranley

City Council Candidates

David Mann

Amy Murray

Brian Garry

Lesley Jones

Tamaya Dennard

Henry Frondorf

Michelle Dillingham

Top priorities identified by Community Councils members: 

Additional resources for responses to top neighborhood concerns:

League of Women Voters 2017 Guide

Series by Brandon Cull with the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber interviewing all the candidates in personal, one-on-one discussions talking about life, Cincinnati, and how each candidate came to the decision to run this year.






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