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Join us for this series specifically developed for all volunteer boards and small non-profits. If you answer yes to any of the following, this one is for you!
Are you a board member of a Community Council? 
Board or staff of a very small non-profit?
Interested in becoming a board member?

Register Below (note: registration for individual sessions will stay open through the entire series)

all classes: 5:30-7:30  at Invest in Neighborhoods, 315 W Court St, 45202

Wed Sept 18:
Non-profit law: Legal issues and ethics
Jeniece Jones, ED HOME/NKU adjunct, non-profit law
Presentation: NPOLaw

Wed Oct 9:
Board Governance: Roles & Responsibilities
Julie Olberding, Director, NKU Masters of Public Administration

Wed Oct 23:
Board Governance: Bylaws, Committees, & Structures

Elizabeth Bartley, ED Invest in Neighborhoods
Presentation: Board Basics- bylaws committees structures
to do state and fed with schedule
State of Ohio Non-profit Annual-Report-Questions
Charitable Registration Deadlines and Fees FAQs – Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost
Meeting order and Roberts Rules Cheat Sheet

Wed Nov 6:
Non-Profit Financial Basics/Fiscal Responsibility
Julia Kyser, CPA
Kyser – Non-Profit Fiscal Responsibility-Financial Basics
Financial handouts/examples:
sample financials for fiscal resp of board – CDC example
sample financials for fiscal resp of board – arts example

Mon Nov 18:  (note! this is MONDAY, not Wednesday)
Intro to Grant Writing & Project Budgeting
Kent Mulcahy, Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County


Wed Dec 4:
Mediation & Strategies for Handling Difficult Conversations
Sheri Slovin, Beyond Civility



Slovin Mediation & Strategies for Handling Difficult Conversations

Wed Dec 18:
Engagement and Outreach
Greer Aeschbury, Working in Neighborhoods

Engagement Tools for Community

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