Application for Board

Applications are accepted anytime of the year.  However, to be considered for the slate at the Annual meeting each year in July, applications MUST be submitted prior to May 30th, in order for the Nominating Committee to do their work

Confidential Application for Invest in Neighborhoods Board Trustees – Board Terms begin in August after election at the July annual meeting

We are honored that you are interested in serving as a member of Invest in Neighborhoods Board of Trustees.

With a mission dedicated to serving the public, we seek a broad-based Board that includes community professionals, those in financial services, as well as public members. We also seek a diverse Board as defined by race, ethnicity, gender, religion, age, disability, appearance, geographic location, professional experience, socioeconomic status, etc., all of which represents the fabric of our communities and the wide range of constituencies that we serve. Trustees guide the organization’s policy direction in an effort to ensure that we accomplish our mission.

Thank you for considering Board of Trustee involvement. We are aware of the personal time and energy that you will be putting into this important aspect of building a stronger Board and thus, a stronger Cincinnati community.

Nominating Committee Chair, Kat Pepmeyer 

Please fill out the online application form below, or download the pdf and send to [email protected]

Board Member Application – 2021 PDF 


Please answer the following questions

By submitting this form, I hereby declare that everything stated on this form is correct and accurate to the best of my knowledge


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