2018 Summit Call for Speakers

2018 Neighborhood Summit
Communication: share, connect, build community

March 10, 2018  Cintas Center

Are you interested in sharing your experience at the Summit?  Please complete this form, including your contact information and session description

Deadline for submittal:  Thursday Nov 16, 2017

Session Description – describe your proposed sessions and how it relates to this year’s topic.  Identify which track you think your session would align best with.  Let us know if this is a presentation, panel, or a workshop. Multiple speakers are encouraged. 

Communication – the means of connecting between people or places. Effective communication strategies within a community create unity, engagement, and an understanding that we all want the best for our neighborhood.  Communication is much more than a monthly newsletter or a community council meeting; it is a method of outreach to unengaged but eager citizens, a way to bind us to together, and a tool for solving problems and organizing action.

Tracks for the 2018 Summit will cover progressive levels of communication:

  • Content
  • Outreach
  • Engagement
  • Dialogue
  • Collective Action


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