Neighborhood Councils Action Coalition

Community Engagement


IAP2 Spectrum

Administrative memo re: Community Engagement 


Development Process Resources:

Various scorecards/evaluation tools
Engaging in Development Process
City Financial Incentives 
Related Ordinances and Motions


Landsman Balanced Development Packet 

Vote Budget and Finance 3-8-2021
Budget and Finance Discussion 3-1-2021 – watch on Facebook 1:01:09 – 1:28


Executive Summary 

Ordinance and Priorities Rubric B version (pdf) 

Related Motions/Ordinances

Informational material provided by City Manager’s Office/Administration

Administrative response to questions (pdf)

Administrative memo re: Community Engagement 

Current DCED Incentive Application Review Document and Major Projects Submittal Packet (pdf)

Illustrative project with rubric and what the transmittal would look like
Priorities Rubric-And Transmittal-Illustrative Only (pdf)

Full packet with earlier versions and including Peaslee’s comparision with Peaslee Rubric and Developer’s Questionnaire 
Balanced Dev Full Packet 3-5-2021 (pdf)

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