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Streamlined Pillar Policy Application 

Community Councils Board Representative Form

Aggregate Insurance Program – Special Event Application

Parks’ Special Event Fee Waiver Forms can be found here

Summary and FAQ:

IIN Aggregated Insurance Program Summary

Aggregation Insurance Program FAQs


General Liability – IIN GL and Umbrella policy

D&O – Directors and Officers policy




-Policy to be administered by Invest in Neighborhoods and Driehaus Insurance Group.

-Each Community Council participating in the program will be added as a Named Insured.

– Policy limits will be shared among all named insureds.


General Liability

Each Occurrence Limit                   $1,000,000                        

General Aggregate                         $2,000,000

Medical Payments                          $10,000


Each Occurrence Limit                  $1,000,000

Aggregate Limit                               $1,000,000


Special Events automatically included:

  • Class I Events (Low activity): examples include cleanups, volunteer activities, and monthly meetings.
  • Class II Events (Medium activity): examples include movie nights, picnics, and small music events.


Special Events requiring an application and prior approval – subject to additional premium charge:

  • Class III Events (Large): examples include festivals, concerts, art shows, and big annual event.

Any of the following three characteristics automatically requires a special event application.

  • Requires a permit from the City.
  • Alcohol will be sold.
  • Expected to have over 100 in attendance.

Submit Aggregate Insurance Program – Special Event Application to IIN at least two weeks prior to when you need to submit your insurance certificate for the event.

Directors & Officers Liability –
Protects Council & individual Board Members

Each Claim Limit                              $5,000,000         

Deductible                                         $1,000  

Employment Practices Liability –
Protects against allegations of Discrimination or Harassment from 3rd parties.

Each Claim Limit                              $1,000,000

Deductible                                         $1,000


Annual Premium per CC:

Liability and Umbrella – $263  

D&O and EPL –                  $300

*Total =                              $563     

*Class III Events subject to additional premium



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