NCAC Development Process Resources


Various scorecards/evaluation tools

Councilmember Landsman Balanced Development Packet: Balanced Development Scorecard Tables, related motions etc (download PDF here)   

Other tools adopted by neighborhoods to review for creating a shared evaluation tool by the Community Councils:

Walnut Hills Equitable Development Scorecard (download PDF here)

Peaslee Equitable Development Rubric  (download PDF here)


Engaging in the Development Process

City’s Development Process Brochure showing the process and community engagement points from the City point of view. (download PDF here)  
Created from a City Manager Report as an at-a-glance for quick reference

CBA Toolkit from Action Tank (download PDF here)  

Development 101 guides from Action Tank: Affordable Housing (pdf), Tax Abatements (pdf), TIF (pdf), Zoning (pdf)


Financial Incentives

TIF 101 presentation from DCED (download PDF here)  

Tax Abatements
DCED Presentations:  Residential(download PDF here)Commercial (download PDF here)

City Administration report on funds, incentives and recommendations for Balanced Development from Dec 2019.  Lengthy, but very very informative.  (Download PDF here) 


Ordinances and Motions, etc

Municipal Code
References to Community Councils within Municipal Code (compilation, highlighted) (download .doc here)

To review Cincinnati Municipal Code in entirety go to Municode Cincinnati



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