About Invest in Neighborhoods

Building Neighborhoods in Cincinnati

Invest in Neighborhoods Inc. is a nonprofit organization created in 1982 to promote and assist the 51 community councils that represent the neighborhoods of Cincinnati, Ohio. Our mission is to assist the councils with financial resources and to promote self-sufficiency and leadership skills of the councils and their residents.

We do this through:

  1. Annual Interest Grant: This perpetual fund generates significant income that is divided among member community councils on an annual basis.
  2. Technical Assistance and Leadership Development: We provide assistance on a daily basis to community councils for their regular operations. We also collaborate with other agencies to assure leadership development opportunities are available to the councils.
  3. Resources to increase the capacity of the community councils. such as model bylaws and the Insurance Aggregation Program

History and Purpose

In 1982, Invest in Neighborhoods, Inc. was founded in an effort to collect, collate, and communicate the best practices of Community Councils by Community Councils themselves.  It is an organization whose prime aim remains the promotion of self-sufficiency and leadership skills to member councils and their neighborhood’s residents.

Invest in Neighborhoods began by raising funds for and then administering the income generated by the Neighborhood Fund. The long-range fundraising goal set in 1982 was $1,000,000 of which $250,000 would come from participating neighborhoods and the remaining $750,000 from local individuals, corporations, and foundations. As of 2019, the fund stands at approximately $900,000.

For over 30 years, Invest has worked with Cincinnati’s neighborhood leaders to build and strengthen community councils. With Invest’s assistance, community councils have implemented projects with outsized impact that make the most of every dollar.  Along with administering grants from our own Merit Grant Program, Invest In Neighborhoods entered into a contract with the city to administer its Neighborhood Support Program (NSP) in 1990, which it did until 2013. In 2004, City Council created a similar program for business districts (Neighborhood Business District Support Fund), and again IIN managed until 2013.

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