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My Neighborhood Counts. Everybody Counts

For almost 20 years the Summit has been the place to gather to exchange ideas, discuss issues, collaborate on solutions, and connect to the people who work diligently to make our neighborhoods places we celebrate.

Although this year we are not able to come together, it seems as important as ever, if not more so, to gather, talk and share.  To that end, we are hosting the Neighborhood Summit as a series of virtual events using multiple platforms and hosting at various times to connect as many people as possible

The theme is timeless yet extremely relevant right now:  My Neighborhood Counts. Everybody Counts is manifesting in so many ways across this city – across our neighborhoods, throughout our communities, in our families.

We have identified 4 tracks – each track will have a series of virtual events (panels, webinars, or presentations)

Supporting our neighborhoods:  Neighborhood Responses to COVID19
Virtual civic engagement: More than just ‘likes’ – Civic Participation and Interaction in a Virtual World
Transformation:  How do we transition from emergency response to continuing the work in our neighborhoods and communities?
Sustain:  Laying the foundations for moving forward

For more information:  2020 Neighborhood Summit


Invest in Neighborhoods empowers community councils and their resident members, volunteers, and related community organizations to contribute to civic life and advance the quality of life in Cincinnati’s neighborhoods, by increasing capacities and competencies, assisting with resources, and promoting civic engagement (About us)

We envision a city of engaged and effective Community Councils working collaboratively to build strong neighborhoods.

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